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Jizo statue near Halona Blowhole
Koko Head sea cliffs
Elyse Butler Mallams at work
Makapu‘u Point
pohaku lele
View from mauka

While I explored the Koko Head cliffs for "The Deep End" story, I was having a hard time grasping that after rounding the corner past Hanauma Bay, I was still traveling eastward. That's when John Clark, my guide that day and longtime personal hero, introduced me to the term mana‘e. John has a degree in Hawaiian studies and a deep passion for the Hawaiian language. “It’s like mauka or makai, except that it means going east,” he explained. I think that’s a perfect way to describe how to get to the Ka Iwi Coast, whether you’re coming from Waimānalo or town. If you want to see Ka Iwi, go mana‘e.


The Ka Iwi Coast is a playground for some and a place to retreat for others. Big mahalo to everyone who shared their impressions and memories about places that were special to them. I wish there had been space to include more. One of my favorites, courtesy of Kalani Kalima, was about how Kohelepelepe—the Hawaiian name for Koko Crater—got its name. A version of that story is here.

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